How They're Made

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Our bags are handmade in the rural highlands of north eastern Guatemala by artisans who have been crafting and handing down traditional practices for generations. We do not have a factory, rather these artisans work from small workshops often attached to their homes. More often than not looming fabric and sewing bags is a family affair, carrying on the tradition throughout generations.  We are dedicated to paying fair wages consequently our artisans dictate their own prices. They are not our employees and therefor have an infinite amount of flexibility to work on their own time, hold other jobs and spend time with their families. 

We respect our artisans wishes to not have their photographs posted on our website or social media. They are very true to their culture and beliefs and do not wish to participate in social media. 

Each piece of each bag is crafted, cut and sewn by hand using a sewing machine. Not only is every bag made with the finest materials - down to the hardware. Each bag serves a unique functional purpose, there's something perfect for everyone and every occasion. 


WOVEN uses only full grain leather as it is the highest quality and most durable leather. Our hides have not been sanded, buffed or treated with any chemicals, we preserve the natural beauty or each piece. The grain is so tight and therefore resists moisture very well and continues to look nicer over time. 


Our Alfombra Wool Collection is newly loomed using 100% wool. These natural fibers are dyed and spun into thick yarn and inter-woven using a hand loom. This is a generationally passed down art form that focuses on small batches to ensure the highest quality standards. As each piece is hand woven no two pieces are exactly alike. These minor variations just add to the individuality and uniqueness of each piece making each bag truly a beautiful work of art.   

Our One Of A Kind Vintage Huipil Collection uses up-cycled handwoven fabrics crafted in Guatemala. Each traditional Mayan hand woven piece was created up to ten years ago, taking nearly six months to complete. No two bags will ever be the same as no two pieces of huipil will ever be the same. Preserving traditional symbolism and culture into every piece, these bags are truly a treasure. 


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