Our Story

As a busy mom and wife, I was drawn to creating a brand with meaning that would allow me to enrich and lift the lives of others, especially women and mothers around the globe. I wanted to help women and mothers, just like me, through providing them a sustainable income to provide for their families. Simultaneously I wanted to involve my children in something purposeful and meaningful that also teaches them to work hard. Woven is sincerely a reflection of my life and style. It embodies sisterhood and support for our reaching village as women and mothers.

Every bag and blanket is handmade with love in the beautiful countryside of Guatemala. From stand out pieces to something timeless our team works hard to make these products something you will truly love. We are passionate about giving back not only to our local community, but also to the international artisans that create our distinctly beautiful and charming products.

Thank you for being here and supporting our small business!

XX, Shayla