Free Keychain

We are giving out FREE keychains as a way to let you experience our product firsthand. Your new FULL GRAIN LEATHER and HANDWOVEN FABRIC keychain will allow you to see the quality and functionality of our product in person. You can feel the weight, texture, and durability of our goods, and see for yourself the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every item we make. We have so much confidence in our brand and product we are willing to send you this $14 value for FREE. To claim your FREE GIFT pick out your favorite keychain on our website and enter code KEYCHAIN at checkout.

  • Head to ACCESSORIES in the MENU BAR
  • Click on Keychain
  • Pick your favorite and add it to your cart
  • Use code KEYCHAIN at checkout 

We're excited for you to see the quality of our Full Grain Leather and Handwoven Fabrics up close. Thanks for shopping with us!